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"An ambitious and quietly radical fine-dining project conceived in the eye of the pandemic’s storm."
Bill Addison, LA Times

We are proud to announce that PHENAKITE our restaurant located at Second Home Hollywood, has been recognized by the esteemed Michelin Guide.

PHENAKITE founder and chef, Minh Phan has done something unprecedented, curating an award-winning dining experience in our courtyard and garden that transforms the Second Home workspace into a one of a kind experience that lasts for mere hours.

Born from the restraints of a global pandemic, Second Home’s entire mission is to help creators create.

This dining concept has electrified L.A.’s culinary scene, with Minh and her team recently earning 2021’s L.A. Times Restaurant Of The Year.

After meeting Minh, we recognized quickly that our brands were aligned by a connection to nature and community. This collaboration is a vital example of the creative collision we like to encourage here at Second Home, the birth of a radical haute cuisine experience inspired by Los Angeles. We think Second Home is the perfect venue for such an occurrence, where imagination, environment and community align to introduce something completely new to the world.

For your chance to have a seat at the chef’s table, reservation requests can be made here.

PHENAKITE : rare mineral that forms into gems under extreme pressure.

From Chef Minh Phan of porridge + puffs, PHENAKITE was born as a weekend residency in Second Home Hollywood’s magical courtyard in the the summer of 2020 and quickly developed a cult following.

Her modern angeleno restaurant redefines fine dining, taking guests on a nine-plus course tasting journey of the land, sea and air, juxtaposing introspection, expression and transformation.

We’re incredibly proud to be the home of LA Times Restaurant of the Year 2021.

Check out the article here.

A chat with Chef Minh Phan

We caught up with Minh on what it’s been like launching PHENAKITE at Second Home.

Phenakite's magical weekend courtyard

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