Talk & Discussion

Kamal Ahmed - A Very British Man

16 Oct 2018

 / 6:00pm to 7:30pm
 / Free
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Journalist and Economics editor at the BBC, Kamal Ahmed discusses his new book, The Life and Times of a very British Man, which tells his story of growing up in 1970s Britain as one of the first generation of mixed race British children.

Half English, half Sudanese, Kamal was raised in 1970s London, at a time when being mixed-race meant being told to go home, even when you were born just down the road.

Today he is one of Britain’s most respected journalists and has served as Group Director of Communications for the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Join us for a fascinating discussion on race, identity and the concept of Britishness.

This event is part of Second Home's City Life Festival. Running throughout October, the festival will explore the relationship between urban spaces, communities and identities and champion London as a place of inclusivity and diversity.

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