Talk & Discussion

Business of Fashion: Stella McCartney

25 Mar 2015

 / 7:00pm to 9:00pm
 / Free

Stella McCartney and Imran Amed (founder of BoF) take part in a special conversation with to celebrate the release of the latest print edition of The Business of Fashion, at Second Home.

Over fifteen years, Stella McCartney has built the world's only sizeable sustainable luxury brand. According to the company’s stated values, Stella McCartney does not use any animal products — no leather, no fur, no skins, no feathers.

In front of an audience made up of members of the BoF community, with guests including Vivienne Westwood, Christopher de Vos & Peter Pilotto and John Frieda, McCartney recounted how her upbringing as a environmentally-conscious vegetarian has shaped the way she built her business and why the fashion industry must learn to become more sustainable.