Reclaiming Amazônia: London

In August 2022 Second Home collaborated with community radio station dublab Brazil to support the indigenous resistance of Brazil with a festival of art, music and discussion spanning three countries.

The devastation of the Amazon Rainforest is happening in front of our eyes. Greed is depleting forests, contaminating rivers, killing biodiversity and erasing entire communities.

Blood Sap: A Manifesto of Love and Fight by Amazon Communities at 7-11pm

Libreria Bookshop hosted an immersive experience created by the powerful audio-visual artwork created by Brazilian artists Maihara Marjorie, Thiago Duar and Watatakalu Yawalapiti – showcasing the beauty of the forest and plight of it peoples.

Indigenise the Politics: A tribute to Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereria at 7pm

This programme was inspired by, and dedicated to, the work of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereria. These activists were murdered in the Amazon for investigating the undeclared war on indigenous communities.

Guardian Journalist and Foreign Correspondent Andrew Downie, campaigner at Survival International Sarah Shenker and Brazilian journalist and coordinator of activist group Brazil Matters Ali Rocha discussed why – in their honour – we must indigenise the politics that govern Amazônia and prevent the world’s most important ecosystem from being ransacked.

Trees of Music brought together indigenous musicians and London orchestras to save the forests of Brazil. To open the evening, Violinist Kath Roberts and pianist Ben Comeau performed Nora Sai Monote – Noke Koi Fire Song

Mestre Poa, leader of the Noke Koi Indigenous nation, sang a traditional song of the history and resilience of his people in the Amazon. This collaboration also highlighted the plight of the Atlantic Forest and its native pernambuco tree, which has been used for centuries to make violin bows.

Carnival do Brazil at 8-11pm 

We danced in resistance with DJ sets from Gerah of dublab Brazil, Jake and Jackson Worm (Worm Disco Club) and a high-energy live Maracatu performance from Afon Sistema that transport us to Brazil.

All money raised from tickets were donated to Acampamento Terra Livre – the largest mobilisation of Indigenous Peoples in Brazil fighting for the land, for life, for natural resources and for the sovereignty of the Brazilian people! 

Reclaiming Amazônia

Reclaiming Amazônia

Reclaiming Amazônia

Reclaiming Amazônia

Reclaiming Amazônia

Reclaiming Amazônia

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