Sony, City.AI, ACE UK GOV & Studio Zao

25 Feb 2020

 / 6:30pm to 9:00pm
 / Free
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Cars that drive themselves. Algorithms that make millions of trades in a day. Chatbots that respond to customer-service inquiries. These are just some of the powerful manifestations of how Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming our lives and our workplaces.

As AI increases in efficiency and improves our lives, it is said to impact the landscape of work and jobs. Leaders at Sony Music, IBM Ventures & UK GOV discuss what the future of work might look like and how upskilling the workforce in entrepreneurial skills could help evolve the role of computers and people into a new era.

Come and join the conversation, hosted by Studio Zao and Second Home, in collaboration with City.AI, with:

This event will be hosted by Studio Zao, who help organisations to innovate through intrapreneurship by setting up prove-able innovation strategies, execute innovation experiments and programmes, and launch spin-out ventures while training teams to be more entrepreneurial and drivers of transformation.