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Breakthrough. An educational programme by Second Home.

Breakthrough is designed to help you do just that. Break through.

Why do some ideas fail to get moving, and others thrive? We believe a big part of it lies in meeting the right people and learning quickly. 

With the right tools, inspiration and courage, we’ll help you go all the way. While having a little fun as well.

Curated Introductions

Get introduced to potential investors and collaborators. Access a network that would take years to build.

90% of members, so far, have collaborated 
with each other on new projects and ideas.

Breakthrough Events

Learn from leaders of industry. Attend exclusive talks and gain insight into how some of the biggest entrepreneurs made it.

Breakthrough Workshops

Learn new skills and stay ahead of the curve. Take part in workshops on a broad range of topics.

Second Home Societies

Whether sharing ideas or a few drinks, Societies are a great way to connect with like-minded members. We’ll help you find the best ones for you. Or even assist with starting your own. They can range from fashion, to AI, design and everything in between.

Breakthrough classes

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Our Breakthrough Programme helped Bulb flourish.

Today they’re the UK’s top green energy company.

The Dots founder Pip Jamieson

Entrepreneur Martha Lane-Fox speaking as part of our GREAT series.

Marcus Fairs, founder and editor-in-chief of Dezeen

Entrepreneur Richard Branson

Deliveroo founder Will Shu

Farfetch founder Jose Neves

Find out how our Breakthrough Programme can help you succeed.

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